Stiff jeans may feel uncomfortable, but they do have an upside. Stiff jeans have fewer wrinkles on the surface and keep the original form longer than loose jeans. Make jeans stiff and wrinkle free with starch and an iron at home. Use the starch on the inner and outer surfaces of the jeans to ensure the denim fabric remains stiff. Pair stiff, wrinkle free jeans with a colorful top and heels for an afternoon out with friends or family.

Turn the jeans inside out with both hands. Place the jeans in the washing machine, and wash under the rinse and spin cycle without detergent and fabric softener. Washing pants without detergent and fabric softener allows the fibers in the denim fabric to remain constrained. Dry the jeans on medium heat in the dryer to keep the fabric stiff.

Lay the bath towel on a flat surface and run your hands over the towel to remove bumps and folds. Take the pair of jeans out from the dryer, and keep the jeans inside out. Place the jeans over the towel with the front side facing up toward you.

Set the starch spray bottle 6 to 10 inches above the surface of the jeans and hold the spray bottle at a 45-degree angle. Spray one layer of the starch over the front surface of the jeans in a sweeping motion, from top to bottom. Then, turn the jeans over and spray one layer over the back surface of the jeans.

Fold the jeans in half, meeting the left and right corners of the waistline together. Place the jeans over the towel, and roll the jeans up in the towel for 30 seconds, allowing the denim fabric to absorb the starch. Pour ¾ cup into the water reservoir of the iron, and put the iron on steam setting, as well as cotton setting. Then set aside.

Remove the jeans from the towel. Lay the jeans flat on the ironing board while folded in half, with the back of right pant leg facing up. Slowly iron the back and front of the right side, from top to bottom, for five minutes. Then turn the jeans over, with the back of the left pant leg facing up. Iron the back and front of the left side, from waist to ankle, for five minutes. Allow the jeans to cool for two minutes.

Flip the jeans right side out with your hands. Spray the starch over the front and back surface of the jeans. Fold the jeans in half by meeting the left and right corners of the waistline together. Then, lay the jeans over the ironing board and iron the jeans as indicated in Step 5. Permit the jeans to cool for 15 minute before wearing.

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