jeans image by Tijara Images from Fotolia.com

With the recent trend in jeans being the "skinny jean," or pants that are so tight they fit like a second skin, it can be hard to find jeans that are somewhat loose. For some, this latest style looks flattering and fashionable, while others are wishing for the days of looser pants. If you want to make your jeans looser, it will take a little bit of time and patience, but it can be done.

Wear Them Often

Put on the jeans that you would like to loosen.

Spray them with water to make them slightly damp.

Lounge around in your jeans for a few hours and stretch them out by walking, lunging, jumping and being active.

Take Care When Washing

Wear your jeans for a few months before washing them.

When the jeans need to be washed, wash them by hand.

Wring jeans out carefully, and hang them to dry.