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An ionic detox foot bath is a foot spa used to cleanse your body of toxins by drawing the toxins out of your feet. The process is supposed to ionically and magnetically draw toxins out of your body. After placing your feet in the foot baths for several minutes, the ionic foot baths are supposed to draw the toxins out into the water, where you can see the toxins that are drawn out as evidenced by the water changing color and "floaties" appearing. There is much controversy as to whether or not these ionic foot baths really work. Many people believe the water changes color and the "floaties" appear because of the minerals and chemicals already present in the water.

Attach one end of each wire to an alligator clip. These alligator clips can be purchased at most craft supply stores.

Attach the alligator clips to each of the spoons, creating two separate hookups. It is recommended by some that you use only stainless steel spoons, since stainless steel is best for conducting the low level of electricity used in the ionic detox foot bath.

Add 1/2 tsp. sea salt and enough warm water to cover your foot to each of the two bowls. This should be about 3 inches of water in each bowl. Make sure the bowls are large enough for you to put each of your feet into.

Attach one of the wires to the positive terminal on the 9-volt battery. Attach the other wire to the negative terminal on the 9-volt battery.

Place the positively charged spoon into one of the bowls of salt water. Place the negatively charged spoon into the other bowl of salt water.

Place one of your feet into the positively charged bowl of water and the other foot into the negatively charged bowl of water. Leave your feet in the ionic detox foot bath for at least 10 minutes. In about 2 or 3 minutes, you should be able to see the water begin to change color, and small particles should appear floating about in the water (floaties).