By Ryan McAlister

Tattoo ink can be made using soot as the coloring agent. This method is commonly-used in prisons and other places where there isn't access to regular ink. Create ink by capturing the soot of a burning substance and mixing it with a few other ingredients.

Soot can serve as the main component of tattoo ink.

Step 1

Burn something that produces heavy black smoke, such as plastic, baby oil or hair grease.

Step 2

Place a trap above the burning substance to catch the smoke. This can be soda can cut in half using tin snips, a piece of aluminum foil or anything that will not melt. Allow the substance to burn for five to 10 minutes until you collect a large amount of soot.

Step 3

Collect the soot into a cup and add 1/2 tsp. rubbing alcohol and a few drops of water.

Step 4

Stir thoroughly using a spoon until a paste is formed. If there is any remaining powder, add a few more drops of water and mix again.

Step 5

Add a drop of shampoo to thicken the mixture. Mix thoroughly, but avoid mixing too vigorously as that can cause bubbles to form.