How to Make Homemade Orgonite Pendants

By Jay Jay Waltz

Orgonite pendants are clear quartz crystals that are wound clockwise with copper. These pendants are believed to heal and balance the body by generating positive energy. Orgone was discovered by Wilhelm Reich, who stated that orgone is a physical energy within living matter and the atmosphere and can be harnessed for its health benefits. You can craft your own homemade orgonite pendants and see for yourself if orgone generates positive energy and works for you.

Orgon energy is claimed to be healthy and revitalizing for the body.

Step 1

Strip metal fragments from copper pan scrubs or from aluminum. Scrunch up the bits of aluminum if you plan on using those metals.

Step 2

Take a 2 to 4 cm long crystal shard and set the crystal at the bottom of a clean, plastic trifle pot. Place the coil of copper wire around the base of the pot. Make sure the coil goes clockwise around the circumference of the base and does not spring up.

Step 3

Mix resin and pour the resin over the crystal shards and copper to about 2 to 3 cm in depth. Mix in some of the metal fragments and leave the pendant there to set and harden. Set a piece of string within the resin to create a chain for the neck. Let the pendant rest in a well-ventilated area or outside. Wait 8 hours for the resin to set.