How to Make Homemade No Carb, No Sugar Ice Cream

By LeafTV Team

Who says low carb dieting can't be a sweet success? This quick and delicious no carb ice cream is as light on your budget as it is on your free time! A guilt free treat with zero carbohydrates and a wonderful variety of flavors! Try a new twist on key lime or a light lemon chiffon! A strawberry-banana bonanza is refreshing and tasty!

You deserve a little lift

Step 1

Bring water to a boil and stir in flavored gelatin packet. Stir the gelatin while boiling for 30-60 seconds or until completely dissolved. Pour the hot mixture straight into your square storage dish.

Step 2

Add cream to the hot mixture and stir until the mixture has a lightened, milky tone throughout.

Step 3

Refrigerate mixture for at least two hours. Be sure to keep uncovered.

Step 4

Once the dessert has set firm, cover with lid and set in freezer at least one hour before serving. Remove from freezer and viola! No muss, no fuss!