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You can make your own homemade indoor tanning lotion---you can even make it organic, if you want to. With these simple steps, you can avoid a potentially hazardous beauty treatment---tanning---into a healthy experience that leaves you glowing a natural brown shade. Also, when you make your indoor tanning lotion at home, you are likely to spend less money, with the added benefit of knowing all the ingredients are safe and fresh.

Select your favorite tanning lotion ingredients. You can pair up tried and true ingredient combinations or make up your own, but most consist of a base and a dye. A few common ones are white lotion with cocoa powder; sesame oil or lanolin with black tea; and water or water-based lotion with hyaluronic acid and plant-derivative dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Coleus plant juice can be used alone.

Buy the ingredients. You may already have some on your shelf---such as the black tea, cocoa powder, sesame oil and lotion---but other ingredients you may have to seek at a health food or supplement store, including the hyaluronic acid, DHA and coleus plant juice.

Never underestimate all the products available online, either. A few simple clicks will bring you to such websites as VitaminShoppe.com and WellnessResources.com or hundreds of others that can provide an opportunity to find uncommon ingredients.

Remember that this is the point when you can decide whether to get organic ingredients, fair trade ingredients or local ingredients to create the kind of product you feel good about using.

Mix the base with the dye.

Stir the cocoa powder into the lotion until the mixture is a shade darker than you’d like your skin.

Add 1/4-cup of strong black tea—steep three teabags and 3/4-cup water—and 1/2-cup of the oil of your choice into a blender. Add the remaining tea slowly with the blender running.

Mix 20 to 24 granules of DHA, two pinches of the hyaluronic acid and 2 teaspoons of water or water-based lotion together.

Coleus plant juice can stand alone.

Test your tanning lotion on an unnoticeable patch of your skin before using it. Also remember that your knees and elbows will absorb the dye more easily, so use a moisturizer on them first or go especially light in those areas. You may apply the tanning lotion with your hands or a foam brush.

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