How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

By LeafTV Editor

High heels make legs look longer and leaner, and they amp up the glamour level of any outfit. They can also start to chafe, rub or tire your feet after just a few hours. Investing in the right pair of shoes and changing your heel-wearing routine can make those heels your favorite accessories again.

Woman rubbing sore feet after wearing high heels
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How To Make High Heels More Comfortable

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Podiatrists agree that wearing heels for many hours a day wreaks havoc on your feet and ankles and can cause lasting damage to your body. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, if you wear those heels the majority of the time your feet will start to speak up.

Alternate between different well-fitted high heels every day, and take regular breaks. Take a total hiatus from high heels every couple of days to give your feet some rest. If you commute in heels, consider wearing a more comfortable pair before you get to the office -- and then don your killer pumps. Minimize the number of hours you wear any pair of heels so that you get the most out of your shoes and your feet.