Wind in her hair.
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From delicate bands embellished with jewels for special occasions to wide bands in bold prints for everyday wear, headbands add a finishing touch to any outfit and hairstyle. Wearing certain headbands -- even for just an hour -- can be downright painful; whoever said “beauty is pain” was probably wearing one of those particularly bothersome skinny metal headbands that day. Beauty shouldn't hurt, so stop accessorizing through the pain. Make small adjustments to your headband collection to comfortably wear a variety of headbands.

Modify Existing Headbands

Headbands usually hurt for two reasons: pressure and irritation. Some headbands fit too snug around the head, applying painful pressure. Many headbands also irritate the area just behind the ears, where the ends of headbands sit. For glasses wearers, this spot can be particularly sensitive. Stretching out the headband helps reduce the first problem. If your headband is too tight, gently stretch it over a book for 24 hours. Be especially careful with plastic headbands as they will break if stretched too far. To reduce irritation, glue a strip of craft foam, fabric or cotton to the inside of headband.

Try New Headbands

If stretching and padding your headbands doesn't eliminate the discomfort, shop for new headbands. For the most comfortable styles, try cotton and silk headbands, headbands with thick bands and headbands with elastic. These looser-fitting headbands may not hold your hairstyle as securely in place, so apply gel or hairspray to finish your 'do.