How to Make Headbands for Dreads

By Casandra Maier

A dreadlock hairstyle, which you achieve by twisting and "locking" individual strands of hair, consists of thick cords of hair. Like any hairstyle, dreadlocks require regular care, maintenance and styling. Headbands are a popular fashion accessory that keep your dreads away from your face, especially during hot weather months. In addition, headbands work to cover roots and loose hair when dreads are newly forming. Making your own headband for dreads is a simple, versatile project; explore your creativity and experiment with various fabrics and styles.

Portrait of a young woman with dreadlocks
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Wearing a headband is a fun way to accessorize and style your dreadlocks.

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Step 1

Measure the circumference of your head using a measuring tape, measuring from the top of your head around the base of your skull. Subtract 2 inches from your measurement, which will ensure that your headband fits snugly around your dreads.

Step 2

Purchase materials for your headband. Choose a jersey knit fabric or a blend that contains spandex, both of which are stretchy fabrics.

Step 3

Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric based on your adjusted measurements. Make the rectangle as thick or thin as you like; however, because dreadlocks are thick and heavy, the best width is at least 2 inches or more.

Step 4

Fold the fabric in half so that both square ends align evenly. Fold the fabric so that the inside of the fabric, or the part that will sit against your dreads, is on the outside.

Step 5

Stitch together the ends of the fabric, making a complete circle. Stitch as close as you can to the edge of the fabric. Reinforce the stitching multiple times so it holds up through use.

Step 6

Style your dreads as desired. Turn the fabric headband right-side out. Pull the stretchy fabric over your head so that it hangs around your neck. Pull the headband back up over your face and onto your head to hold back your dreads.