How to Make Hawaiian Dress

By LeafTV Contributor

Hawaiian dresses, have you ever wonder how to sew a Hawaiian dress? Or how it was made? What are the process manufactures do into making a Hawaiian dress?

Hawaiian dress

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Step 1

With any Hawaiian dress, sketches are drawn first to have the desired style. Once a style is approved a seamstress would sew a mock-up of the dress and check if the dress fits and flows well. In this stage many alterations is needed to have the dress made right.


Step 2

Once the perfect Hawaiian dress style is approved. A pattern maker would cut out the patterns onto a thick cardboard which becomes a template. They would also make several templates for different sizes. Each template slightly larger from the other, ranging from sizes XS - 3XL.


Step 3

Then a worker lays out yards of fabric onto a table, layering one on top of another. Once that is done they would lay out a sheet of paper. This is where they will use the template and draw the pattern onto the paper. Once drawn the worker simply cuts out the pattern.


Step 4

The cut fabrics are then passed over to a seamstress. Like a puzzle the seamstress would sew all of the fabrics together. Many different types of sewing machines are used in this process. Each machine specializes sewing different parts of the dress, such as a hem sewing machine. With the completed Hawaiian dress the final step is to iron the dress.

Step 5

Now you know how manufactures create a Hawaiian dress. All you need is a little bit of creativity and patience.