Look at this bubble from chewing gum!

You pop in that much-anticipated stick of gum only to find that not three minutes later the gum has lost its flavor. A flavorless stick of gum is hardly worth chewing any longer, so you may decide to pop in a second piece, or spit it out altogether. Many people wonder how they can preserve the taste of their gum for longer, and certain tricks can give you a longer-lasting effect.

Choose gum with a peppermint, spearmint or cinnamon flavor. These flavors last longer than fruity flavors. Additionally, select gum that contains flavor crystals that are effective for boosting the flavor of the gum, releasing more flavor as the crystals dissolve in your mouth. Flavor crystals will lengthen the amount of time it takes for the gum to lose its flavor.

Chew the gum slowly. Take a bite of the gum and then wait a few seconds before taking another bite. Chewing gum stimulates your mouth's production of saliva, which is responsible for causing the flavor of the gum to dissolve faster. The less saliva that is produced in your mouth, the longer the flavor will last. When you chew the gum fast it releases more saliva that dissolves the flavor.

Eat a teaspoon of sugar or suck on a sugar cube at the same time as you chew the gum. Allow the sugar to dissolve into your tongue. Adding sugar back into your mouth intensifies the sweetness of the gum, bringing the flavor back to life. Be careful not to choke with all of the items in your mouth.


Regardless if you chew sugar or sugar-free gum, you should always brush your teeth afterwards to prevent cavities and gum disease.