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Transform a plain frosted cake into a furry animal. Choose one of two techniques for creating fur. One option requires an icing piping bag and star tip, both of which can be found in cake supply stores. For a simpler technique, opt for using spread icing. Select the method to get the look you want based on the supplies you have on hand.

Using a Star Tip

Attach a star tip to the base of an icing piping bag.

Fill the icing piping bag halfway with buttercream icing.

Hold the piping bag at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the cake.

Apply gentle, even pressure to the sides of the bag to squeeze out a star shape from the tip of the piping bag.

Pull the bag slowly away from the cake while slowly lowering the pressure on the bag until you are no longer pushing out icing. A stretched out star-shape will have formed on the cake, resembling a tuft of fur.

Repeat the technique to cover the entire cake with fur.

Spread Icing Fur

Spread buttercream icing in a thick layer over the entire cake with a spatula.

Lay the tines of a fork into the icing at the bottom of the cake where you want the fur icing to begin.

Move the fork from a horizontal to a vertical position and lift it straight away from the surface of the cake at a 90 degree angle, leaving behind an up-lifted icing fur tuft.

Repeat making fur tufts in the icing with the fork until the entire cake is covered in fur.