By Usha Dadighat

Making your own fruit tea lets you choose the types of fruit juices and tea you combine to make the drink. Green tea has a lighter and more aromatic flavor which compliments the fruit juice, while black tea has a stronger kick with more caffeine. You might find it easier to make fruit tea in larger quantities of four to six servings due to the amount of fruit juice you need to prepare.

Mix fruit juice with tea to make fruit tea.

Step 1

Brew two to three cups of tea. If using a cold brew method, allow the loose tea leaves or tea bags to soak in cold water for six to eight hours. If you brew the tea in hot water, steep the tea a little longer than normal as the fruit juice will dilute the tea. Allow the hot tea to cool.

Step 2

Select your favorite fruits to add to the tea. Options include peaches, apples, oranges, raspberries and pineapple. Juicier and more flavorful fruits work better in fruit tea. You also can use fruit concentrate or extracts. Put the fresh fruits through a juicer or squeeze through a strainer. Add two to four cups of fruit juice to the brewed, cooled tea.

Step 3

Add sugar to taste. Test the fruit tea before adding sugar or other sweeteners because the fruit adds a natural sweetness to the tea. Chill before serving and serve with ice.