How to Make Flour With Hazelnuts

By Elton Dunn

Nut flours enrich cakes, cookies and other baked goods. They give desserts a chewy texture and round flavor that packs a punch. Only make as much hazelnut flour as you need for the recipe, or store leftover nut flour in your freezer. Due to the hazelnut's natural oils, the flour can go rancid if stored on a shelf. Hazelnut's rich flavor pairs well with coffee, chocolate and other flavors.

Hazelnuts have a rich flavor.

Step 1

Place hazelnuts in the freezer the night before you want to make nut flour. Frozen nuts break down more before the natural oils come out. Grinding fresh hazelnuts can leave you with an oily paste.

Step 2

Set up and plug in your food processor. Pour the hazelnuts into the food processor, and fit the lid on the food processor.

Step 3

Turn the food processor on, and watch as the nuts get chopped into smaller and smaller pieces. Stop the food processor when the nuts appear ground into a paste. Open up the food processor.

Step 4

Push the nuts with a spatula, looking for whole nuts. If most of the nuts have been reduced to powder, stop blending. If the nuts are still largely intact, keep blending.

Step 5

Pour the chopped nuts into a fine mesh strainer. Sift the nuts through the strainer, so that only the finest ground flour remains.

Step 6

Save the remaining nut chunks for use in your recipe, or for adding to salads, cooking or other dishes. Use the hazelnut flour as directed in your recipe.