Tortillas have been a staple in Mexican cuisine for thousands of years. Tortillas are used for a variety of foods, including tacos, tamales, burritos and tostadas. There are different ways to make tortillas, the traditional way being adding ground corn with lard and cooking it on a hot griddle. One of the most familiar types of tortillas used in the United States is the flour tortilla which can be made many different ways.

Things You'll Need

Combine four cups of flour, two teaspoons of salt and four teaspoons of olive oil in a mixing bowl. It is easiest to use your hands, but an electric mixer can be used as well.

Add 1/2 cup of milk to the flour mixture and mix it until thoroughly blended. Add another 1/2 cup of milk and mix it again, then add the final 1/2 cup of milk and mix well. This should make a large, sticky ball of dough.

Sprinkle flour on a clean, dry surface. Knead the dough on the floured surface for two minutes.

Put the dough back into the mixing bowl and cover it with a damp paper towel. Let the dough sit for 30 minutes.

Break the dough into 15 smaller balls of dough of equal size. Set the dough balls aside on a plate.

Sprinkle more flour onto your working surface. Place one dough ball on the surface and roll it out into a circular shape with the rolling pin. The tortilla should be about eight inches wide when completely rolled out. Put the tortilla aside on a plate.

Roll out the remaining dough balls so they are all the same size. Rub a thin layer of flour on top of each tortilla so they don’t stick together.

Heat up a skillet to medium heat. Cook the tortillas one at a time for 20 seconds on each side.

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