How to Make a Corn Dog with Pancake Batter

By Travis Rave

The only thing better than a regular corn dog is one fried in pancake batter. It's the perfect combination of juiciness, sweetness, and crunchiness. Aside from its tastiness, the recipe is super simple to make and easy on your wallet.


Step 1

Pour oil into the pan and preheat to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Combine pancake mix, cornmeal and salt. Mix well.

Step 3

Add milk, mixing well while you pour.

Step 4

Using a fork, dip each hot dog into the batter until it's coated evenly.

Step 5

Fry each one until golden brown, making sure to rotate evenly.

Step 6

If desired, insert a popsicle stick into each corn dog. Serve immediately.