How to Make Flesh Colored Frosting

By Cameron Burry

Novelty cakes have become increasingly popular over the years because of the certain character and atmosphere that they bring to any party. A novelty cake usually has a humorous theme. Your cake could be in the shape of a face or any other body part, for example. Making flesh color frosting is part of the challenge.

Novelty cakes are used in parties because of the atmosphere that they bring to the table.

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Step 1

Fill a bowl with white icing with the amount of icing that you are going to need for your cake.

Step 2

Dip your toothpick into the orange coloring. Dip a separate one in the pink food coloring.

Step 3

Stir the white icing with the color-dipped toothpick for a few circulations. Once you have done this, stir in the orange coloring in the same way. Then stir up the icing with a stirring utensil and wait for a few minutes to make sure the color has taken. Because orange added to pink is a similar color to flesh, it may only take one application. However, it will most likely be too light on first application. Repeat this process several times until the color is satisfactory. It may take several stirrings to darken the color enough to make your flesh color. Equal parts pink and pale peach should yield flesh coloring. If the color gets too dark, simply add a drop of white food coloring to the mix, which will lighten the mixture.