Southern hospitality is known the world over and the Southern style of cooking might be a bit fattening but it sure does taste good. For generations, fish have been getting a nice batter coating down South so add a little something extra to the fish. Generally speaking they use cod or some other white fish, but batter can be used on any kind of fish that you want. Here’s a basic, yet tasty, Southern favorite: beer batter.

Things You'll Need

Pour the beer into the bowl.

Combine the dry ingredients and sift over the beer.

Using a whisk, gently fold in the dry ingredients until combined, then whisk slowly for 1 minute.

The batter mixture is now ready to be used.


  • There are many variations to the basic beer batter recipe. Play around with it and add spices or experiment with different beers.

  • Store this batter in an air tight container for up to 1 week, whisking occasionally.