How to Make Fingernails Stronger

By LeafTV Contributor

Weak or brittle fingernails can be caused by various health factors that are easily solvable by home remedies or salon solutions.


Keeping your skin moisturized is good for your health in general, but it is especially beneficial for your nails. By allowing the nail beds and cuticles to be moisturized, it helps keep the nail strong and less prone to brittleness and breakage. Many makeup brands have their own kind of cuticle cream or oil which can be found at any typical drugstore. According to GoodHouse Keeping, a heavy greasy moisturizer is best.

Salon Fixes

Gel/Polish Manicures

Though one perk of getting gel manicures is the longevity of them, keeping any type of polish, especially gel, can damage and cause brittle nails. Refinery29 suggests taking polish off after two weeks of wear and to avoid picking off polish because the top layer of your nail comes with it. Picking off gel manicures can also cause immense splintering to your nails, as well as weakening them in the process. It is advised to get these types of manicures taken off by a professional.

Emery Boards

According to Dr. Kunin in this GoodHouse Keeping article, filing your nails back and forth in different directions is a definite way to cause brittleness and splintering as well. He suggests filing in the same direction as well as keeping nails in an oval shape as it prevents less breakage.

Home Remedies


Olive oil mixed with lemon juice, tea tree oil mixed with a little vitamin e, or even just regular moisturizing cream can help your nails become less brittle and grow stronger. Massage your mixture of choice onto your nail beds and your cuticles once or twice a day, only for a few minutes. Lemon juice alone will also help strengthen your nails after any nail polish or removers have caused chipping. Putting a bit on a cotton ball and rubbing on the nail beds will also help remove any discoloration.

Sea Salt Soak

Sea salt can be used for many different remedies, and it is no different for nails. Mix two teaspoons of fine grained sea salt and mix together with your choice of oil or lemon juice, as well as lukewarm water. Soak your fingernails in this mixture for about 10-15 minutes, and do this twice a week.