How to Make Fingernails Stronger. Fingernails are a body part that gets noticed first. When you shake hands with someone, you’re bound to get stares or glances at your nails. Even “talking” with your hands make fingernails prominent. Proper fingernail grooming can help strengthen your natural nails. Exposure to harsh chemicals, hot water and cleaning solutions can make fingernails weak and fragile. With proper care, you can take measures to make fingernails stronger. Read on to learn how to make fingernails stronger.

Things You'll Need

Use gloves when washing dishes or using harsh chemicals. This will keep the nail bed from getting too wet and causing the nail to become weak. If you are not able to use gloves, minimize the amount of time the nails are wet and dry them immediately after they have been exposed to water for long periods of time.

Massage vitamin E oil into the cuticles every night before going to bed. This oil will absorb directly into the skin and the cuticle bed. Over time, the oil will make fingernails stronger.

Apply a thin coat of clear nail hardener over fingernails at least twice a day to help make the fingernails stronger. Do this for seven days consecutively, then remove the hardener and reapply a thin coat again, starting with day number one.

Implement the use of the nail biting medicine Thum to discourage the behavior. You can find this medicine in a local pharmacy or online. Reviews have shown that this medicine has proved to be successful in helping people to stop nail biting and chewing.

Drink milk or take calcium tablets daily to help the body in making the nails stronger. Even a multivitamin with a significant dose of calcium is beneficial in the effort to make fingernails stronger.