Delight your loved ones with an impressive breakfast in bed that looks like it took all morning, but really comes together in just a few minutes. Trust us, this is one classic egg recipe that everyone will love!

Breakfast in bed tray featuring toad-in-the-hole with sausage, tomatoes, asparagus, juice and coffee

Dave Johnson

Things You'll Need

Step 1: Cut a Hole Into the Bread

Use a cookie cutter to cut a hole in the middle of a slice of bread. Pick a fun shape, like a flower or a heart, or use a simple round glass for a circle if you don’t have a cookie cutter. Whatever shape you choose, you’ll want it to be at least 2 to 3 inches in diameter to allow space for the egg to cook.

cutting shape out of bread

Dave Johnson

Step 2: Butter the Bread

Butter both sides of the bread as well as both sides of the cutout shape.

buttering bread

Dave Johnson

Step 3: Add Butter and Brown the Bread

Add a pad of butter to a hot sauté pan, and then add the slice of bread and cutout shape to the pan. Brown both sides of each.

browning bread in pan

Dave Johnson

Step 4: Slide an Egg Inside

Crack an egg into a shallow dish, and then carefully slide it into the center hole of the sliced bread.

sliding raw egg into toast

Dave Johnson

Step 5: Cook the Egg

Cover the egg and cook it for several minutes, until it reaches a desired finish.

egg cooking in covered pan

Dave Johnson

Step 6: Present the Feast

Season the egg with salt and pepper and serve with an array of colorful side dishes.

finished toad-in-hole with asparagus, tomatoes and sausage

Dave Johnson

young girl serving breakfast tray featuring toad-in-the-hole

Dave Johnson