Making strawberry jelly is a passion for me. I love to share and enjoy the results I get. Follow these easy steps for making jelly everyone will love.

Things You'll Need

Wash and cut tops of Strawberries, then in half again

Place in large sauce pan, heat on high until the start to boil. Stirring
the berries is important.

reduce heat but continue boiling until they are soft and can be mashed with a potato masher. I like doing it this way to keep some of the pulp. Continue to stir.

Add sugar and continue stirring until sugar dissolves. The sugar acts as a thickening agent.

Stir and continue to boil until mixture thickens. Test by running the back of a spoon through the jelly and notice if it sticks to the spoon.

When done, let cool and transfer to jelly jars. Jelly can be served with everything from biscuits to ice cream. Enjoy and good luck.


  • make enough to give away