How to Make Dreads Curly

By Caroline Baldwin

Jazz up your dreadlocks by giving them a little spring. Curly dreads are a great way to change up the look. They are also nice for formal events, such as a prom or a wedding. There are two ways to curl dreads -- one technique is for natural dreadlocks and the other is for dread hair extensions. Both methods are an easy process, but can be a little time consuming.

Add some curl to your dreads.

How to Curl Natural Dreads

Step 1

Pick up a dreadlock at the top of your head.

Step 2

Wrap the dread around the curling iron.

Step 3

Curl for a minute or less. Feel the outside of the dread to make sure the heat has penetrated all of the hair and then release it.

Step 4

Coil the dreadlock into a curl and place it flat against the scalp.

Step 5

Pin the dreadlock in place with bobby pins. You may have to use two -- one from the right of the curl -- and one from the left.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for each dread. Work from the top of the head to the bottom.

Step 7

Let the dreads cool. The hair is usually too heavy to hold the curl while it is hot. Waiting until the hair cools helps the curls set.

Step 8

Mist hairspray over the hair, while it is still pinned.

Step 9

Remove the bobby pins and spray all of the dreads with hairspray.

How to Curl Hair Extension Dreads

Step 10

Select a dowel with the circumference of the curl you desire. The bigger the dowel circumference, the larger the curl will be. Tight curls can be achieved by selecting a small dowel.

Step 11

Cover the dowel with aluminum tape. This stops the wood from absorbing water. Wrap the tape around the rod, until it is completely covered and no wood is showing.

Step 12

Line the end of a dread up with the top of the dowel.

Step 13

Wrap a rubber band around the rod and the hair to secure.

Step 14

Grasp the top of the dread with one hand and wrap the dread around the dowel with the other hand. Wrap the entire piece of hair tightly around the rod.

Step 15

Place the end of another piece of hair under the first and secure it with a rubber band.

Step 16

Line another dread up under the last one. Repeat Steps 4 and 5. Do this until you have run out of hair extensions, or you have covered the dowel.

Step 17

Fill the teapot with water. Heat the teapot until it is steaming.

Step 18

Hold the end of the dowel over the steam. Repeatedly spin the dowel, until the section of hair over the teapot is hot to the touch.

Step 19

Move the next extension on the rod over the steam. Let it heat, until all sides of the hair on the rod are hot to the touch.

Step 20

Do this for all of the hair on the rod. Stand the rod up against the wall when done. Do not lay the dowel rod down, as it needs to stand up so all of the hair can dry.

Step 21

Let the hair dry for 10 minutes.

Step 22

Remove the rubber band on the end of the dowel. Place your hand over the first dread. Begin to slide the curled hair off of the rod. Free the end from the next rubber band. Hold the curl intact, until it is all of the way off of the dowel.

Step 23

Continue to remove the bands and slip the dreads off of the dowel until they all have been removed.