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While the exact origin of the donut remain up for debate, there's no arguing that they remain a popular treat, even in a more health-conscious America. One thing that is certain, according to the website Social Studies for Kids, is that the donut hole allows the donut to fry more evenly. So, when you're making your own at home, don't forget to remove the middle.

Mix together the flour, baking powder and 2 tbsp. of the sugar.

Add the egg and milk and mix together until batter is thick and malleable.

Remove the batter and roll it on wax paper with the rolling pin until it is about a half-inch thick.

Use the rim of a glass to cut out your donuts and a bottle cap to cut out a smaller hole in the middle of them.

Allow the donuts to rise for 15 minutes.

Put your oil into the frying pan and set on medium heat.

Fry the donuts for about a minute on each side.

Pour the remaining sugar on wax paper and set each donut in the sugar for a coating.