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Molasses is a thick syrup refined out of sugar cane juice. Dates can also be made into sugar, but the process is different and does not produce molasses as a byproduct, but date molasses exists. Date molasses is another term for date syrup, but since it has the dark consistency of sugar molasses, the name stuck. It is a frequently used sweetener in Middle Eastern recipes, but instead of searching markets for it, make you own at home from dried dates.

Bring the pitted dates and water to a boil in a saucepan.

Cook the dates for five to 10 minutes or until soft and plumped.

Remove the mixture from the heat to cool slightly for one minute.

Transfer the date mixture to a food processor and puree until a thick syrup forms.


Increase the water used for a thinner date syrup or decrease the water to produce a paste consistency. Replace the pitted dates with chopped dates, if desired. Pour thin date syrup over pancakes instead of maple syrup. Use the thick form of date molasses as a fruit filling for cookies or pastries.


Do not use dates coated in flour as the flour will change the flavor and consistency.