By Athena Hessong

Molasses is a thick syrup refined out of sugar cane juice. Dates can also be made into sugar, but the process is different and does not produce molasses as a byproduct, but date molasses exists. Date molasses is another term for date syrup, but since it has the dark consistency of sugar molasses, the name stuck. It is a frequently used sweetener in Middle Eastern recipes, but instead of searching markets for it, make you own at home from dried dates.

Sweet dates become rich and thick, like molasses, when pureed.

Step 1

Bring the pitted dates and water to a boil in a saucepan.

Step 2

Cook the dates for five to 10 minutes or until soft and plumped.

Step 3

Remove the mixture from the heat to cool slightly for one minute.

Step 4

Transfer the date mixture to a food processor and puree until a thick syrup forms.