By Kathryn Hatter

Some cooks know chickpeas as garbanzo beans. Whatever you call them, these dried legumes are delicious when prepared in a variety of ways. Chickpea flour is simply dried chickpeas that are ground into a fine powder. Use chickpea flour as a tasty thickener in soups and as a wheat flour substitute in baking breads. Chickpea flour is also a suitable substitute for people who are avoiding gluten.


Measure and pour ½-cup dried chickpeas into the food processor. Close the food processor and turn it on.

Process the chickpeas until they are a smooth powder.

Pour the chickpea flour out of the food processor into the bowl.

Repeat steps one through three to process all of the chickpeas into chickpea flour.

Pour the chickpea flour through the strainer into the plastic container to strain out any large chunks that were not processed. Cover the container and store the chickpea flour in the freezer for approximately one year.