How to Make Cheek Bones Look Higher

By Sarah Vrba

Not everyone can have high, prominent cheek bones like Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley. But gorgeous structure can be yours with just a few tricks of the trade: A few basic highlighting and contouring tools emphasize your natural features and give your cheek bones a little extra pop, along with a healthy glow.

Build a Foundation


Invest in a medium-coverage foundation two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Also select a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply the lighter foundation along the top of your natural cheek bones, down the top of your nose and at the center of your forehead. Sweep the product on with a smaller foundation brush in clean lines. Don't blend just yet -- now apply the darker base directly underneath the cheek bones and down the sides of the nose. Finish at each temple and along the jaw.


Blend the lighter foundation with a medium blending brush until it sits smoothly on the areas you applied it. Conclude by blending the darker foundation until it sits naturally on your skin. This strategy highlights the top of the cheek bone and your overall facial structure, while creating shadows where more definition is desired.

Light Duty

Since the heavy foundation contouring can look harsh during daylight hours and take a fair share of time, some quicker, lighter options exist.

Blush and Bronzer

Apply a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. Dip a blush brush into a rich coral or rose blush. Avoid light or shimmery blushes that tend to highlight rather than contour. Suck in the sides of your cheeks to get an idea for where your natural cheek bone sits. Apply the blush along the indented area below your natural cheek bones. Sweep the color up toward your ears to create some shaded definition.

Alternatively, apply a matte bronzer in the same manner. Sweep the color underneath where your natural cheek bone sits and up to the ear. Blend out any excess color. For even more pop, apply the bronzer along the sides of the nose and along the jaw for more accentuated bone structure.


Perhaps the simplest and quickest way to get a little added definition and glow in your daily makeup routine is with a dash of cream highlighter. Look for a highlighter with extremely fine-grain texture and a subtle shimmer.

Dip your ring finger into the highlighter and dab the color along the top of your cheek bones to the outer corner of your eye. The product should blend in as you tap it into place and create a dewy, natural glow. Not only will it catch the light, but the highlighter also accentuates your natural bone structure, giving your cheek bones height and definition.