Red hot chili peppers on old wooden table

Small amounts of cayenne tincture, taken in water, are said to help with blood circulation, fighting colds, easing a sore throat, and, combined with ginseng, to increase energy. Making cayenne tincture is a simple process, and the only drawback to making your own is the time spent waiting for the tincture to be ready to use. Cayenne tincture can be made from dried cayenne peppers or cayenne pepper powder.

Pack a 1-quart jar tightly with cayenne peppers. Use rubber gloves to keep the capsaicin in the peppers off your fingers. If using cayenne pepper powder, fill the jar half-full.

Fill the jar with vodka to within a half-inch of the jar's top. Use apple cider vinegar or glycerin if you don't want to use alcohol.

Place the lid on the jar and tighten.

Store in a cool, dark place for six weeks to two months.

Drain the tincture though cheesecloth to remove the peppers from the liquid.

Pour the strained tincture into smaller, colored bottles and cap. Be sure to label the bottles. The tincture will keep indefinitely in a cool area.


  • A kitchen cabinet that remains closed much of the time is the perfect place to make and store tinctures. Other herbs, such as Echinacea or valerian root, can be made into a tincture in the same way. Colored bottles to store your tincture in can be purchased at most health-food stores. You also can find bottles that have the eye dropper attached to the lid assembly for easier measurement.