How to Make Cannoli Filling

By Dee Taylor

Desserts are delicious, and at times they can be the favorite part of any meal. Cakes, pies, cookies and puddings are all standard desserts that taste great on their own. But the topping either on or within them is what can make them spectacular. Store-bought whipped toppings allow for a quick and easy addition, but it's possible to make your own topping or filling just as simply. A rich, tasty cannoli cream will add to any dessert, and can be made simply from everyday things found in your fridge.

A cannoli filling is something you can whip up at home.

Step 1

Obtain heavy whipping cream, ricotta cheese, and confectioner's sugar. Vanilla extract can also be used, if you choose, but it is not necessary. Also, a hand whisk is needed to completely mix the ingredients properly, and is better than a blender or mixer, as it allows you to play with the measurements before adding too much of an ingredient.

Step 2

Pour out 2/3 cup heavy cream, 1 cup of ricotta and 1/3 to 1/2 cup confectioner's sugar, depending on the desired sweetness.

Step 3

Whip the heavy cream and sugar, slowly stirring in the ricotta. Depending on desired thickness, use more or less ricotta. But for a cream that will stand on its own, always use more ricotta and less heavy cream. Adding more sugar will also add to the thickness. But be careful-making the cream too sweet may take away from the dessert itself.

Step 4

Add 2 tsp. vanilla as the cream begins to thicken. This is an ingredient for taste only, so if it doesn't work with the dessert base, it can be eliminated. But it adds a different layer of sweetness to the cream.

Step 5

Serve the cream once it's at its desired thickness/sweetness. If the cream is going atop a dessert, it can be served immediately. If it's to be included in a glassed-in dessert (pudding, fruit mixture), make sure the glass or dessert is slightly chilled. If you attempt to chill the cream afterward, or along with the fruit, it may lose some of its thickness. Moisture can accumulate from the glass/dessert, and make the cream separate.