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Receiving burns on any part of your body can be painful and result in noticeable marks. Burned facial skin can be especially sensitive and even embarrassing. While minor burns usually heal without leaving marks, occasionally they heal but change the affected skin's color. You can use a few methods to diminish and help to eliminate minor burn marks on your face.

Run cool water immediately over the burned area. Do not use ice because it may damage the upper layer of skin.

Smear petroleum jelly over the affected area. Do not use butter or other ointments. Keep the burned skin protected with petroleum jelly until the burn's redness begins to fade.

Apply vitamin E to the burned area daily for two to three weeks, until the marks are no longer noticeable.


If burns to the face are severe or blisters are present, then seek medical attention.


Note that a slight change in pigment may occur after sun exposure following a burn. So keep the burned area covered well with sunscreen.