Start to Finish: 75 minutes

Servings: 8

Difficulty: Beginner

Cobblers differ from similar baked goods because they have biscuit-like topping over the fruit. They can be made with fresh or frozen fruit. The biscuit topping gets dropped onto the fruit it resembles a cobbled road — a traditional stone road. The biscuit mix can be replaced with cake batter, cookie dough or even pieces of pie crust. This blackberry cobbler recipe can be made with dried or fresh fruit, and is inspired by ones from Williams-Sonoma and Food and Wine.

If you cannot find enough blackberries, mix in some other fruit. A mix of fresh and frozen fruit can be used. Do not use canned fruit.

  • Dark colored fruits or other berries, such as blueberries or strawberries, work well.
  • Peach slices and peeled pears can also be used. 

Add additional spices to the biscuit mix, in place of nutmeg, for a different flavor profile.

  • Ground cinnamon and clove work well, as does ground cardamom. 
  • Use almond extract in place of the vanilla extract, and sprinkle thinly sliced almonds on the topping before baking.

If you wish, use spoonfuls of cake batter or cookie dough in place of the biscuit mix. These can be made from scratch, or they can come from a box mix.