How to Make Betty Crocker Brownies Really Fudgy

By Christina Schnell

You've had ordinary brownies, but every once in a while you eat a brownie that just overwhelms you with flavor and deliciousness. These fudgy brownies are no accident, they are the result of intentional recipe modifications aimed at accentuating certain characteristics within the brownie. But you don't need a gourmet recipe to turn out heavenly brownies, you just need to know which ingredients to alter. Adding the right ingredients to a basic box of Betty Crocker Brownies will catapult your next batch from good to amazingly fudgy.

Make your Betty Crocker brownie extra fudgy by changing a few ingredients.

Step 1

Empty your bag of brownie mix into a large bowl. Mix the 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of oil into the batter using a whisk until you have blended all the lumps smooth.

Step 2

Beat 4 whole eggs in a separate bowl. Batter cohesion is the essence of fudgy brownies. Although the box recipe only calls for two eggs total, two extra eggs will make your brownies rich and sticky without becoming extra greasy.

Step 3

Add the eggs and melted bittersweet chocolate into the brownie batter. Mix vigorously for several minutes to ensure a consistent and smooth texture. The melted bittersweet chocolate enhances the chocolate flavor and increases the creaminess of the brownie batter.

Step 4

Bake your brownies in oven as recommended on the Betty Crocker Box. Insert a clean knife into the pan periodically to monitor how much of the batter is baked. Don't wait for a completely clean knife before removing your pan or the brownies will burn. Extra fudgy brownies leave moist crumbs along the knife blade even when fully cooked.