How to Make Beaded Native American Jewelry

By Regina Paul

There are several different types of beaded Native American jewelry. Some of the different types are peyote stitch, which comes in both a round and a flat style, loom stitch, commanche stitch, and then there are just basic loop styles for earrings or pendants. Peyote stitches, loom stitch and commanche stitch items can all be made into necklaces, chokers, pendants and earrings. For the purposes of this article you will learn how to make a simple loop style pair of earrings.

A pair of loop style quilled earrings

Step 1

Cut a piece of thread that is approximately the length of your arm from your shoulder to your wrist. When you are done, run the thread over the top of your beeswax. Don't be concerned if the thread cuts into the beeswax, this is normal. This will strengthen your thread, and also put a coat of wax on it that when the time comes will be handy for burning a little knot that is easy to hide.

Step 2

Tie a small knot at the bottom of your thread and then cut any leftover string beneath it so there is just a tiny tail.

Step 3

Thread your beading needle using the other end of your thread. If you are having a difficult time threading the small head of the beading needle, you can use a needle threader to do so, most packages with beading needles come with one.

Step 4

Take one of the little round pieces of leather and put your needle through the bottom of it. Pull your thread through until the knot is lodged on the bottom.

Step 5

Thread six beads on your needle and pull them down until the bottom one is resting on the leather, then take your needle and push it up through the first three seed beads. This will create a loop that you can then push down until it is resting against the top of the piece of leather.

Step 6

Take your needle and put it down through the second set of of three seed beads and then down through the leather. Pull it tight so that the loop is resting securely against the leather.

Step 7

Thread 10 seed beads, and then carefully thread one porcupine quill and then 10 more seed beads, another porcupine quill and 10 more seed beads. This will form the loop on the bottom.

Step 8

Take your needle and push it up through the leather and then up through the first three seed beads that form the loop on top of the leather. Pull it tight enough so that the bottom loop is secure.

Step 9

Take your needle and go back down through the second set of three seed beads forming the loop on top of the leather and then back through the leather and back down through the loop on the bottom. Basically you are threading the needle and thread through the entire earring a second time to make sure that it is secure.

Step 10

Take the needle back down through the first set of three seed beads that make up the loop on the top of the leather and then back down through the leather, but this time don't go back through the loop on the bottom, just pull it through the leather only.

Step 11

Snip the thread so that there is just a small tail at the bottom of the leather piece. Take your lighter and light the end of the tail until a little ball of melted wax and thread is resting on the bottom of the leather and then blow it out. This happens very quickly so be sure that you blow it out as soon as you see the little ball resting on the leather.

Step 12

Attach your earring hook to the loop at the top of your earring. You have completed the first earring in your pair of loop style Native American earrings.

Step 13

Repeat Steps 1 through 12 for your second earring and you will have completed your pair of earrings.