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Making an ugly outfit cute and trendy can be difficult. Any outfit in jarring colors will be hard to correct. However, if the problem is with a design that makes you look a little silly, some options are available to fix the fashion problem.

Look over the outfit critically to determine its problems. For example, a shirt may be too large, which hides your shape and makes you look bigger or shapeless. Or, pants may have an inappropriate waist for your body type.

Look through accessories. Accessories are among the best options to fix an ugly outfit and make it trendy. For example, for an inappropriate waist, look for a long scarf and tie it around the waist so the knot rests on a hip and the extra material trails down the leg. The scarf will hide the waist from the outfit while accentuating your natural waist. Alternatively, you could wear a thick belt for the same effect.

Add some jewelry to the outfit. For that too long skirt, add a long necklace and a large pair of bracelets to balance out the look.

Change out the outfit pieces. For example, if you have a sweater that is too long for the outfit, change it to something shorter and use the long sweater in another outfit.

Pull out some scissors and cut up the outfit to make something new. For example, that too large shirt can be cut up along the sides and sleeves and then cut slightly inward before knotting the shirt to create a new shirt that is not only trendy and cute, but also fits the body better. For the pants with the funny wide legs at the bottom, cut them off into shorts.

Walk with confidence. The easiest way to make an ugly outfit look trendy and cute is to have complete confidence while you wear it. While it might not look like the cutest outfit, you can set trends by making yourself look good in it.