How to Make an Electrolyte Drink

By Contributing Writer

When we are active we lose a lot of much needed nutrients in the body and in order to maintain a healthy disposition, stay hydrated and have enough fuel to continue with the day or to prolong our workout we need to be able to replenish what we lost.\n\nElectrolytes generally have three function in our body and they include providing us with essential minerals, they control the osmosis of water between the compartments of our body and they help to maintain the balance of acid that we require for normal cellular activity. \n\nThere are many electrolyte drinks on the market today and this article will show you how to make your own.

Maling Your Own Electrolyte Drink

Step 1

Arrange all of the ingredients in an easy to reach manner.

Step 2

Wash out the pitcher you are planning to use and dry it well.

Step 3

Add all of your dry ingredients to the bottom of the pitcher.

Step 4

Add a small amount of water to the pitcher.

Step 5

Using your whisk or mixing device vigorously stir the water until the ingredients are dissolved.

Step 6

Add the remaining water.

Step 7

Add your flavoring.

Step 8

Stir until well combined.

Step 9