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A cucumber facial mask removes many impurities from the skin that clog the pores and can lead to acne. It leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed, with a healthy glow. Cucumber softens and soothes the skin, and after a hard day of school and play, kids enjoy this as much as adults do. Children learn good hygiene early when you treat them to an occasional grown-up facial. Preteens and teens enjoy hosting spa parties and sleepovers, where all will enjoy a batch of this easy cucumber facial mask.

Measure one-half cup of plain yogurt into a bowl.

Cut the cucumber into thick slices and place in a blender. (Set aside two thin slices of cucumber for the eyes, if desired.)

Add three fresh mint or parsley leaves to the blender and puree until a thick paste forms.

Mix the cucumber puree with the yogurt in the bowl. Blend well with a spoon.

Apply to a washed face, free of heavy grime and makeup.

Cover your face with the cucumber mask and let sit on the skin for 15 minutes.

Place a thin slice of cucumber over each eye, if desired.

Rinse the mask off with warm water and pat dry.


Mint is refreshing and aromatic, while parsley helps balance oily and dry areas of skin. Younger kids will enjoy the mint scent, while older kids will benefit from the parsley. Combine the two or select either one or the other.

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