How to Make an Asymmetrical Skirt

By Audrey Farley

Asymmetrical patterns and cuts are very trendy and fashionable. If you are bored of plain, symmetrical designs, spice up your wardrobe with an asymmetrical skirt. An asymmetrical skirt is simply a skirt with an angled hemline. Wear the angled hemline to the side or turn the skirt to wear a pointed hemline in front or back. Whether you are a skilled seamstress or a beginner to sewing, you can create this fashion at home.

A skirt is one of the most basic sewing tasks.

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Step 1

Take your length measurements, depending on the desired length of the skirt. For instance, if you want the skirt to angle at the hemline from your knee to your mid calf, measure from your waist to your knee and from your waist to your mid calf. Measure around your waistline and around your widest point at the hips, as well. Record these measurements to the nearest quarter inch.

Step 2

Cut the fabric according to the your widest measurement and the longer length measurement. Add two inches to the length for seams at the hemline and waist and add six inches to the width for wiggle room. For instance, if your hips measure 40 inches and you want the longer side of the skirt to reach 40 inches, cut fabric 46 inches by 42 inches.

Step 3

Lay the fabric on a table or flat surface right-side up. In other words, lay the fabric with the pattern or design, if applicable, facing up. Smooth out wrinkles with your hand. Fold the fabric in half horizontally to create a vertical fold. Along one vertical edge of the fabric, measure from the top of the rectangle to the point at which you want you want the shorter hem of the skirt to stop. Mark this point with fabric chalk. Use a measuring stick to draw a line from this point to the opposite corner of the fabric. Cut along this line to make an angled, asymmetrical hemline.

Step 4

Unfold the fabric and lay flat again, this time upside-down. Make a hemline by folding the fabric up one inch along the slanted edge. Pin the fabric from one side to the other and stitch the hem by hand or with a sewing machine.

Step 5

Cut a piece of elastic band that is the same as your waist measurement. Place the elastic along the edge of the top of the skirt (the side opposite the angled hemline). The band should measure six inches shorter than the fabric. Fold the fabric one inch over the band and pin. Sew the fold across the entire fabric, even past the point where the elastic ends.

Step 6

Fold the skirt in half horizontally so that the skirt is inside-out, with the pattern side facing in. Wiggle the elastic band through the seam just sewn so that the ends of the band meet. Stitch the ends of the band together tightly. At this point, the waist and hemline of the skirt are sewn, and only one vertical slit remains. Lay the fabric so that this opening is along the edge. Pin the edge and stitch form the hemline to the top of the skirt, closing the seams of both the hemline and the waist band. Carefully turn the skirt inside out and wear.