How to Make an Animal Cell Model With a Cake

By Jessica Cook

If you have a science project that requires you to make a model of a cell, why not delight your teacher and classmates by making it edible? You can easily use a cake as the basis for your animal cell. Adding some icing and candies on top will bring your cellular cake to life in no time.


Start with a round cake, which will most closely resemble the shape of your cell. A white or yellow cake will work best. Make the icing any color you like, but a light color will best show off your cell contents.

Add a nucleus and nucleolus. Use a contrasting color of icing. For example, if the cake is iced in light purple, use light blue icing to illustrate the nucleus. Spread the icing in a circular pattern near the center of your cell; you can even pipe some icing around the edges to help it hold its shape. For the nucleolus, add blue sprinkles in a smaller circle shape inside the icing nucleus.

Illustrate rough endoplasmic reticulum. This can be done with chocolate sprinkles, sometimes called jimmies. Sprinkle the jimmies in lines that hug the curves of your nucleus on two sides. Make five curved lines in each spot.

Add smooth endoplasmic reticulum. This should be placed beyond the rough endoplasmic reticulum, and can be done with chocolate piping icing.

Add lysosomes, peroxisomes, and secretory vesicles. These are all round shapes, so use small round candies for this part. Place three or four candies together in a cluster, using one color for each type of cellular component (such as yellow for peroxisomes, purple for secretory vesicles, and red for lysosomes).

Add microtubules and filaments. The microtubules are tiny little tubes inside the cells. You can make these using oblong sprinkles in the same color, such as yellow. Sprinkle a few in a small cluster inside the cell. The filaments wrap around the edges of the cell, so you can use this to border your cake. Use string-like candy or thinly piped icing around the edges.

Add mitochondria. These resemble speckled jelly beans, so if you can find those you can just put a few into the middle of your cell. If you can't find speckled beans, use regular ones and add a few speckles or lines with icing in a contrasting color. Your cellular cake is now complete, and delicious.