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According to Cheap and Chic Weddings, an annual contest sponsored by Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum is held for a wedding dress made completely out of toilet paper. The 2010 winning dress had intricate flowers and a toilet paper bird on one shoulder. To craft your own toilet paper creation, use the delicate paper as you would lace and piece it together carefully with clear tape for strength.

Lay your toilet paper into rows 35 inches long and 25 inches wide to form the skirt section of your dress. Keep the horizontal squares intact and lay each row closely together.

Cut strips of clear packaging tape that are 25 inches long. Press them onto the toilet paper in vertical side-by-side columns across the toilet paper. Lay the tape across all the toilet paper to create one long, taped sheet.

Wrap this sheet around your waist to see if it fits you. These measurements fit about a size 8 or 10. Add more toilet paper with tape if you are a larger size, or trim it smaller. Cut five 2-inch strips of hook-and-loop fastener or touch fastener. Keep the two sides of the hook-and-loop fastener together. Lay your toilet paper skirt down with the paper side up. Remove the backing from the hook-and-loop fastener and press them in a column down the right edge, roughly 2 inches apart.

Lay toilet paper in rows 35 inches long and 17 inches wide to create the bustier top portion of the dress. Cut strips of clear tape 17 inches long and lay them down onto the paper in neat columns side-by-side. Wrap it around your chest to be sure it fits.

Cut four pieces of 2-inch pieces of hook-and-loop fastener with two sides together. Lay your toilet paper sheet down with the paper side up. Remove the paper backing of the hook-and-loop fastener or touch fastener and press the hook-and-loop fastener onto the right edge of the toilet paper sheet. Keep the hook-and-loop fastener in a column with 1 inch separating it.

Cut 10 pieces of 2-inch hook-and-loop fastener. Wear the skirt and the top portion of your dress. Remove the paper backing of the hook-and-loop fastener. Press them onto the skirt all around the top edge evenly. Firmly press the top part of the dress onto the hook-and-loop fastener pieces so it becomes a one-piece dress.


Add straps by taping on toilet paper that is rolled into 2-inch wide by 20-inch long pieces.

Use the toilet paper to form intricate designs by rolling or balling up the paper.

Create any type of dress by using a normal dress pattern for the toilet paper. Tape the paper first and then sew it together as you would normal fabric.


Use caution near open flames.

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