The sari has been an integral part of Indian fashion for many years. Saris have transcended their Far Eastern roots and gained popularity in the Western world as well. Saris are long, elegant pieces of cloth worn by women. They are very simple garments that are wrapped around the body in styles. You can make your own sari at home. The important thing is to get the dimensions right.

Things You'll Need

Choose a king size bed sheet in a color scheme and design that you want to wear.

Place the sheet on a flat surface. Use fabric scissors to cut the sheet down the middle, long ways.

Hem the sheet pieces on the sides you just cut by folding the edge over and sewing it down 1/4 inch from the fold with the sewing machine.

Join the two pieces. Position the two pieces of fabric end to end with 1 inch of overlap. Sew them together with two seams, one on the edge of the overlap and one about 3/4 inches below it.

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