Spicy Curly Fries with Ketchup

Those tasty ribbon fries that you bought and consumed at the county fair can now be made in your own kitchen. First you need a spiral cutter, which can be made in your garage, and a deep fryer and you are ready to make ribbon fries at home. With a homemade ribbon fry cutter you can make this treat again and again.

Drill a hole at the tip of the knife blade. The hole needs to be large enough to thread the screw into. The diameter of the screw is optional and the length should be about 1 inch.

Thread the screw completely into the hole at the tip of the knife blade.

Weld the screw in place using the solder and welding torch. Hole the knife using a bench clamp and solder around the hole that the screw is threaded into. This will secure the screw in the tip of the knife.

Twirl the screw into the top of a potato, holding onto the handle of the knife and spiral through the potato lengthwise, straight down the middle allowing the knife to spiral or ribbon cut the entire potato. You need to be firm with this process so the knife cuts the potato evenly.