Create a recipe book that is not only easy to use, but will stand the test of time. Created with the busy cook in mind, you can quickly add favorite recipes that fit your lifestyle and family traditions. The protected pages and heavy duty binder is what separates this recipe book from others. By combining your favorite recipes into one recipe book, you are eliminating added clutter from several recipe books, magazine recipes, newspaper recipes and hand written recipes that are scattered in different locations. By having your favorites in one spot you are making them convenient and easy to locate when you need them at a moments notice. Being able to personalize this book makes it a wonderful heirloom with a touch of simplicity and practicality.

Locate all of the recipes you would like to use in your recipe book.

Sort by sections and alphabetize the recipes if desired.

Once in proper order, begin to type each recipe on your word processing software.

Add graphics or personal notes to provide a unique effect.

Print the recipes with regular paper or use different colored paper for added design.

Place each printed recipe in a page protector sheet.

Place each recipe in a plain binder.

Separate sections by tabs if desired.

Enjoy your new recipe book.


Combine similar recipes on the same page to save room if desired. Add photos of recipes or of favorite memories to your recipe book. Create a memory or dedication page in the front of the book for heirloom or gift giving purposes. If you do not have a computer, you can use a permanent ink pen or marker to write the recipes. Incorporate special notes or past times associated with each recipe. Display cooking tips as a footnote to each recipe if desired. Organize recipes by holidays and occasions if desired.


Keep the recipe book away from heat and flame to avoid holes or staining. Protect your fingers and hands when snapping the binder rings closed.