Shower cap

Sometimes when you take a shower, you just cannot get your hair wet -- but you don't have a shower cap handy. Whether you need to preserve a fresh perm or protect the perfect set of curls away from the steam and humidity, you'll need to improvise a shower cap to keep your locks dry. Using a few inexpensive and common household items you can keep your haircut pristine and moisture-free.

Pull a 1-gallon resealable food storage bag, or a large-sized plastic bag over your scalp. It probably will not fit, but this will give you an idea of how much you need to cut it.

Cut the bag with scissors, going from the opening in the bag along the seam on the bottom or side of the bag. Cut only an inch or two at a time. Check whether the bag fits over your scalp. If not, cut again until it does.

Gather your hair up towards the top of your head. Place the bag over your scalp as you would with a normal shower cap.

Secure the bag with a rubber band that crosses your forehead in the front and the base of your skull in the back. You are ready to take a shower.


  • Use waterproof tape or string to secure the bag if you can't find a rubber band.