Mature woman with long grey hair looking aside, close-up
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You can easily color your gray hair white from the comfort of your home. Normally, removing all of the hair pigment--turning the hair shaft white--causes a lot of stress to the hair, but since the hair is already gray the process is not as harmful to the hair or the scalp. As with any hair color change, you must continue to color the new growth roots about every four to six weeks.

Apply deep conditioner to dry hair, making sure to work it in thoroughly. Pile all of the saturated hair on top of your head and cover it with a bag. Make sure the bag is wrapped tightly around all of the hair. If your hair is fairly long you may need to secure the bag with a clip so that it stays on.

Apply heat to the bag using the hair dryer for approximately 15 minutes to deep condition the hair. Wash the hair and dry thoroughly.

Mix the solutions from the frosting kit together as directed in the instructions. Put on the gloves that are provided for you and apply the mixture all over the head. Be sure to get all around the hairline and along any natural parts in the hair. Leave on for the designated time.

Thoroughly rinse with warm water until the water begins to run clear. Wash with the shampoo of your choice, but be sure to use the conditioner provided in the frosting kit. Towel dry.

Before combing the hair out, apply some leave-in conditioner, working it through the hair with your hands. Don't scrimp on the amount that you use; your hair has just gone through a major transition and it needs to be cared for. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out your hair to prevent any pulling and stress to your hair.

Dry as normal. Be careful not to pull or tug on the hair as it has just been chemically treated and is still in fragile condition. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair daily to prevent any breakage.


Another option to coloring gray hair white is a white rinse, but it can cause some yellowing to the hair.