The “Pool Water” is a refreshing cocktail that will help you keep temperatures low on a hot summer day. This mixed drink resembled water from a swimming pool, hence the name “Pool Water”. Garnish with a floating raspberry and it looks like a miniature swimming pool, held in the palm of your hand and waiting for your taste buds to dive in. Here’s how to make a Pool Water mixed drink at home.

How to Make a Pool Water Mixed Drink

Place your drinking glass into the freezer to chill the glass. This will add a frosted effect to the drink, adding to its refreshing nature. You should place your glasses in the freezer for at least 15-20 minutes before preparing your “Pool Water” mixed drink.

Pour all liquid ingredients into a mixing glass full of ice cubes. Using the mixing stem to briskly stir the contents until they are well blended, even cloudy.

Remove your drinking glass from the freezer and strain the mixture into the glass, so that only the liquid is poured into the drinking glass, with the ice cubes remaining in the glass used for mixing.

Drop a single raspberry in the top of the glass as a floating garnish. The end result should be a frosty drink of cloudy, yet transparent liquid with a slight blue hue.