How to Make a Mud Mask for a Kids' Spa Party

By A.N. Pike

No children's spa party is complete without a mud mask station. Create your own mud mask mixture at home for your child's next spa party instead of spending money on mud masks that may contain unwanted or irritating ingredients. Take your spa party to the next level by letting the children help you make this simple mixture.

Make your own mud masks for your children's spa party.

Step 1

Measure 1 tsp. of water for every child at the party. For example, place 7 tsp. of water in a bowl if you have seven children at your party.

Step 2

Slowly add 2 tsp. of dry clay powder for every child. For example, for seven children, add 14 tsp. of clay powder. The mask must be thick and not runny. Use dry clay powder designed for sensitive skin. Using a sensitive skin clay powder helps reduce the risk that children will break out from ingredients in other clay powders.

Step 3

Mix the powder and the water until it looks smooth, without any lumps of dried powder. Use a whisk or fork to mix. Add more water if the mixture feels too thick. Add only half a teaspoon of water at a time.