How to Make a Mountain Dew Slushy

By LeafTV Editor

Kids love brightly colored edibles and a Mountain Dew slushy is definitely bright and fun. Make these slushies on a hot summer day or in the dead of winter, using a clever ingredient to pick up their spirits and evoke some giggles. They are sure to give their stamp of approval to this crazy concoction.

Mountain Dew flavor in a slushy machine
credit: psisa/iStock/GettyImages
How To Make A Mountain Dew Slushy


Find some fun glasses or plastic cups. Clear cups are going to work best so they can see the bright green slushy, but oddly shaped cups are just as fun, so use whatever you have on hand. Sticking a crazy straw in an ordinary cup is an alternative idea.

Use the resources on hand for the slush portion. If you happen to have snow on the ground, let the kids run out and fill a clean bucket with clean snow. You may want to supervise this to be sure it's really clean. If it's the dog days of summer or you simply have no snow, crushed or shaved ice works perfectly as well.

Scoop enough snow into your cup of choice so that it mounds over the top. Pour enough Mountain Dew over the snow to cover it and give it a good, bright color.

Pour one can of Mountain Dew into a blender with eight ice cubes, if you don't have any snow to use. Blend until mixture reaches slushy consistency, but don't let it get too liquefied. If you accidentally blend too long, add more ice cubes until you get it back to the right consistency.