How to separate egg- white and yolk

A Mohawk just isn't a Mohawk until you spike it up. While there are many commercial products available formulated for this purpose, one of the most popular methods requires no special purchases: egg whites. Stiffening your Mohawk with egg whites is an effective, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to achieve the most quintessential rebel hairstyle.

Determine how many eggs you need for your hair. For most short Mohawks, a single egg is enough, but if you have very long or thick hair, you may want a second or even third egg. Start with a few and add more if you need them.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Crack each egg on the edge of a bowl and pour out the white, catching the yolk in one half of the broken egg shells. Place the yolks in a separate bowl and use for another recipe.

Stir the whites with a fork. When fresh out of the egg, the whites are mostly liquid but the proteins have some gloopy solid structures in them, so beating this into a consistent thickness will make it easier to apply the whites to your hair.

Moisten your hair. Wet your hair, then wring and vigorously towel it dry. You want your hair to be a little wet, but not dripping, as this will help you evenly distribute the egg yolk without diluting it too much.

Apply egg to your hair. Use enough egg to saturate your hair. If your Mohawk is short, use just enough to coat the strands. If your hair is longer, you'll need more to thoroughly soak your hair in order for there to be enough white to have the strength to stand it up.

Bend at the waist and spike the Mohawk with a hair pick while blow-drying it. Pull the Mohawk straight up and out from your head and point the blow-dryer at it while you're still pulling it with the pick. As it starts to dry, stop running the pick through it and hold it in place with your fingers.