Muscular man from the back in white towel

A towel wrap is a very functional wardrobe addition perfect for any man. The wrap can first be used to towel off after showering, swimming, bathing or a visit to the sauna, and the man can wrap it around his waist to used as a cover-up. Towels can often come un-tucked and leave you feeling exposed and embarrassed. A men's towel wrap should stay securely in place until it is removed, which is possible with a hook and loop closure. The wrap will provide comfort, flexibility, convenience and security all in one handy item that you can make yourself.

Measure the waistline of the man if possible. Measuring with the towel itself is the best way to accomplish this step. Wrap the towel around his waist, and mark with a marker on the towel the place where the two ends meet. Do this on the inner side of the outer layer of the towel.

If making the men's towel wrap as a gift, and measurements are not available, use a 15- to 20-inch piece of hook and loop tape. This should fit most sizes.

Position the loop side of the tape from the end of the inner side of the outer layer of the towel to the marker spot. Cut the tape at this mark. Pin loop the side of tape, starting at the corner on the outer side of the inner layer of the towel. The two sides of the tape will be on the opposite ends and the opposite sides of the towel.

Sew the two pieces of the hook and loop tape to the towel by using a sewing machine or stitching by hand. Sew along the four edges of both of the pieces of tape. Be sure to remove all of the straight pins after sewing.


  • For the best results and to lengthen the life of the wrap, follow the laundering instructions on the towel's label, and attach the hook and loop sides of the tape together before laundering to prevent the hook side from becoming full of lint and unable to adhere.