How to Make a Large Quantity of Scrambled Eggs for a Group/Crowd of 150

By Kristie Brown

Entertaining can be a great way to bring people together. Especially when there is food involved! Yet in some cases the preparation and cooking of the food can become time consuming when there is a large quantity of individuals attending. Take for example a group of 150 individuals who are attending a catered breakfast. Cooking scrambled eggs for this many people could seem impossible to pull off! Yet with some creative thinking and some careful attention it can be done!

Close-up of scrambled eggs served with bacon and toast
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Simple yet elegant

Controlling Heat

The basic concept of cooking any food is to apply heat. Yet with some foods, like scrambled eggs, there is the danger of over cooking them; especially when they are being cooked in such a large quantity. Therefore the main goal is to apply heat while protecting the integrity of the eggs.

The Benefits of Wonderful Water

A great way to do this is to use boiling water. Water will provide an insulator for the eggs and keep them from touching any direct heat source, therefore reducing the risk of burning. You can use any container to scramble the eggs, just remember not to over scramble them! You will want to place the scramble mixture in a pliable container such as a resealable plastic bag so they can be moved around during the cooking process. Examples of this may include vacuum sealed pouches, gallon size resealable bag or even one that can be tied tightly. The key is to use at least two bags so as to help provide further insulation as well as a second layer of defense in case the outer bag takes in water.

Cooking with Love

Once the eggs are sealed in tight simply place them in the boiling water! One note of importance is to place a heat proof object such as a plate, on the bottom of the container holding the boiling water. This will ensure the bags do not touch the bottom of the pot as this can scorch the eggs. As the eggs boil you will want to take the bags out every 5 or so minutes and roll them around gently on a counter top to loosen the cooked eggs and allow the uncooked eggs exposure to the heat. Once the bags are firm and no liquid is seen in the bag simple remove the eggs from the bag and break up with any utensil. Watch out for the steam! This process takes longer than a tradition pan method yet provides a quality product without the risk of burning the eggs. In addition to this there is not pan with cooked on egg to clean after, simply dump the water out and discard the cooking bags!

Add some Creativity!

You can also be creative and add a variety of ingredients such as sea salt, cracked pepper, diced ham, bacon bits, shredded cheeses,diced vegetables and fresh herbs. Some of my favorites include scallion, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese! What can you create?